Assateague Island Fall Run

On Sunday October 17th CORE 4×4 did our second of the year OSV trail trip to Assateague Island on the MD side. It was a really beautiful and sunny day, and we were in total 6 cars for the trip. The group were:

  1. Jendra in a JKU Sport
  2. Andrew, Cherie, and Ethan (one year old son) in a Xterra
  3. Bill in a Jeep Cherokee
  4. Dawn in a 4Runner
  5. Dave in a Tacoma
  6. Niels in a JK Sport

We met at 11.00am at the MD Assateague State Park Rangers Station parking lot. Planned time to air down and enter the beach was 11:30am which gave those of us who needed a new OSV permits at the Rangers Station. Normally we try to do 2-3 trips to Assateague a year, why most of us buy a year OSV permit and beach entrance pass. Most of the year it’s a wonderful and beautiful place for fishing and camping so many of us come there many times a year.

Andrew, Cherie with Ethan stayed in a hotel in Ocean City from Friday to Saturday. The weather was fantastic and Assateague came out as some of its most pretty – especially with a blue sky and a few clouds here and there made it a real post card photo tour!

Normally we do the first stretch of the trip to the Virginia state boarder line in pretty much one run which is approx. 12 miles. This time we did a few longer stops mid-way because we were really fortunate to see dolphins swimming in the sea not far from the coast. I always find it amazing to watch these amazing animals well knowing how intelligent and human friendly they are. Also because of the nice weather we saw a lot of wild horses out. Especially one group of 9 horses got great attention by others as well, as this turned out to be one of the largest group of horses with on male horse leading the group of 7 female horses and one pony. So a lot of great wild life experiences on this first stretch.

When we hit the fenced-up Virginia boarder line, we parked our cars facing the backend toward the sea so we could sit in shelter of the wind with the beautiful view of the water. As you can see on the pictures and videos, we normally line up to take a full car group photo😊. At the end of the lunch we saw more dolphins swimming by. We normally take it very easy during lunch and hang out next to our cars eating the lunch we brought ourselves. A lot of great chatting, small talking, nerdy talks about cars and upgrades😊, other trip experiences and having fun with small walks to the one old left house there and to the seashore and so on.

After the lunch at around 2:30pm we started the drive back to the beach exit with the usual few small side trips on tracks to the inland part of the state park. There are two separate tracks along the park stretch where you can drive into an inland part a get a beautiful view of the inland sea facing west. We made a small stop at each place. We saw more horses on the way back to the exit so lots of them around this time!

We got to the exit around 3.45 pm and then drove out of the beach to air up. There is a really nice airing up station right outside the beach exit with space for 8 cars airing up at the same time. After airing up we went back home with big smiles on our faces after a beautiful, adventures and fun trip with this awesome off-road club that is so very inclusive and arranges monthly family friendly trail rides throughout the year. Lastly but not least, as the “dot over the i” we got a beautiful sunset on our way back to the DMV-area.

Photo Album: 10/17/2021 Assateague



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Trail Report written by Niels Vilstrup. Pictures contributed by Niels Vilstrup, Andrew Taylor, Cherie Taylor, Jendra Rambharos, and Bill.  GPS track provided by Jendra Rambharos.

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