CORE Holiday Party at Green Ridge 2022!


  • Jendra, Aimee, Kiran, Arya
  • Ben + 2 
  • Andrew, Cherie, Ethan, Norah
  • John
  • Brian & Kelly
  • Javi + 1
  • Steve
  • Dawn
  • Sam
  • Toby
  • Andrew B
  • Matt
  • Kirk
  • Darren

On December 3rd, the CORE Club had our annual holiday party out in Green Ridge State Forest. Prior to the pandemic, we always had our holiday party at a restaurant or otherwise reserved indoor space. But as a result of the pandemic, we sought a safer outdoor alternative, and decided to host it at one of the large group campsites in Green Ridge. 

This turned out to be a big success, with everyone enjoying the peaceful outdoor environment that is a big part of our club in general. For food, we made a bulk food order with the Oak Barrel Cafe, a local restaurant attached to a gas station nearby. They provided us with BBQ, buns, coleslaw, beans, and mac n cheese in big steam trays. 

During the winter, the group sites at Green Ridge are first come first serve. Andrew Beaton came out the night before and set up camp on the site, to lay claim to it for us on Saturday. 

It had been raining all morning long, but right around the start of the party at noon, the rain moved on, the clouds began to part a bit, and we were welcomed with unseasonably warm weather for the entire party!

Led by Ben, a few folks decided to explore the Town Creek water crossings prior to the holiday party. We met at the intersection of MD-51 and Helena Drive south of Green Ridge State Forest for a quick driver’s meeting.

Attendees for the pre-party exploration:

  • Ben D. – 2014 Toyota 4Runner
  • Sam V. – 2017 Range Rover Evoque
  • Matt M. – 2000 Yukon Denali
  • Andy B. – 2017 Toyota Tacoma
  • John A. – 2021 Toyota Tacoma

From there it was about 10 minutes to the first water crossing on Maniford Road. From there we continued onto the two crossings on Town Creek Road. All the crossings were approximately 18 inches deep so they weren’t a problem for the group. Once we finished the water crossings, we continued north through some beautiful back roads to meet the rest of the group at the park headquarters.

Once everyone met at the Ranger station HQ, we headed out in convoy to our group site in the forest. After arriving we unloaded the tables, food, chairs, etc, and settled in!

After we got a nice big fire going, and the kids found the big mud puddles, we enjoyed food, fresh air, and the personal relationships that make CORE such a great group to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who came out and spent the day with us! As per usual, great folks made for a great event! We look forward to doing it again next year!

Photo Album: 12/03/22 CORE Holiday Party



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Trail Report written by Jendra Rambharos. Pictures contributed by Ben Dunkerton, Jendra Rambharos, Aimee Rambharos, Andrew Taylor, and Andrew Beaton. GPS tracks provided by John Altomare.

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