Frederick Watershed Run

On a cool, late winter weekend in late February, the CORE club headed up to the Frederick Watershed to take a tour of the area, and offer the club a very beginner friendly ride for folks new to the off-road world. The watershed is always a lovely, very scenic ride, and the sunny, yet crisp day we went out was no different.  


  • Jendra & Aimee – Brown Toyota Tundra
  • Kirk & Melissa – White FJ
  • Kathy & Rick – Green FJ
  • Javi & Jackie – Green FJ
  • Toby – Cherokee Trailhawk
  • Jesse – WK2
  • Coy & Ty – Grand Cherokee
  • Tammy – LR4
  • Steve – Black Frontier
  • Bill – White Cherokee Trailhawk
  • Dave – Tacoma
  • Brian – Silver JKU
  • Kelly – Magenta JLU
  • Jan – Frontier
  • Jan’s Daughter – Jeep TJ
  • Adam – Red Xterra
  • Javi’s Friend – Black JLU
  • Javi’s second friend – Dodge Ram
  • Isaiah – Black 4Runner
  • Diane – Maroon JLU

We had a big convoy with us this time around, with 20 vehicles! It was fantastic, and we were excited to have such a great group along for the ride. We had a great assortment of vehicles, children, and dogs! Couldn’t get any better!

After a quick drivers meeting to cover the general plan for the day, we hopped into the vehicles, and headed up into the watershed. As we headed up, we parked up at a trailhead and took a short hike to the White Rock Overlook. This is a beautiful rocky overlook, looking over the town below in the valley. 

After the overlook, we got back into the vehicles and continued our tour into the watershed. It was a mix of smooth hardpack dirt, and some potholed slightly bumpier sections. Nothing requiring 4WD or significant ground clearance though. 

After making our way down the trail, we got to a left turn to go up the middle of the watershed, where we’ve gone many times in the past. This time, however, the trail was closed, with a gate closed across the entry to that section. 

Given that, we continued straight, exiting the watershed. We continued on, trying to find an area where we could all park up to have a wrap up meeting and end the ride.

Eventually we made our way to a neighborhood where we wouldn’t block traffic, parked along the side of the road, and had a quick wrap up meeting before everyone went their own way back home.

It was fantastic having everyone out for the ride! Aside from the minor trail hiccup with the gate, it was a great ride, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the next one!

Photo Album: 02/26/2022 Frederick Watershed Run



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Trail Report written by Jendra Rambharos. Pictures contributed by Jendra Rambharos, Toby Turpin, Kathy King, and Aimee Rambharos. GPS track provided by Jendra Rambharos.

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