Green Ridge State Forest Trail Ride and Meeting

Amid concerns over gathering indoors during the COVID pandemic of 2020, the CORE club decided to have a socially distant trail ride/meeting combo, similar to the Peters Mill trail ride/meeting combo held in 2019 here . This would allow the club to stay in their own vehicles, and not be in proximity of others. It also allowed us to meet outdoors, not inside of a restaurant, most of which were closed anyway. This was done with the safety of the members and guests in mind, while allowing them a bit of a responsible escape outdoors from the lockdown.

With this being a trail run, had a meet up spot prior to getting on the trail. We met at a gas station with a convenience mart right off 68 that’s not far from the trail head. The address for GPS navigation is: 35206 National Pike NE, Little Orleans, MD 21766. It’ll be exit 72 when coming along I-68 in either direction. We met at the gas station around 10am and after a drivers meeting, departed around 10:30am. We arrived at the Greenridge area by 11 and started the drive around some of the forest roads in the area.

After a quick stop by the ranger station to wait for all of the attendees to arrive, we started down the trail. The roads were quite smooth, only requiring 2WD for the sections of Green Ridge we explored that day. Still, it was very beautiful and scenic, and absolutely worth the trip.

At around the 14 mile mark, we pulled off the trail to a clearing/campsite and started the meeting. There we discussed club activities, how members and guests have been coping with the pandemic, and how we envisioned giving the club a safe outlet to get outdoors and enjoy off-roading safely.

After lunch, we got back onto the trail, and rode another 18 miles to wrap up the day. In that second half of the trail ride, we were treated to 3 water crossings. They were not particularly deep, as the locals in the area use these crossings regularly. But it was a fun little dip into the water over the trail. I’d estimate the depth not exceeding 1.5 feet for any of the crossings.

In all it was a great relaxed ride, perfect for new folks interested in getting out and exploring some mild trails, or folks with stock or medium clearance vehicles.

Attendee List:
Alex: Wrangler
Kevin: Guest
Toby: Cherokee Trailhawk
Andy: FJ Cruiser
Roland and Liz: GMC Jimmy
Buzz: Wrangler
Jendra: Wrangler
Sergey: Wrangler
Kirk: FJ Cruiser
Michael: FJ Cruiser
Zach: Wrangler
John: Wrangler
Matt: Wrangler
Jan: Frontier

Photo Album: 07/19/2020 Green Ridge



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Trail Report and GPS tracks provided by Jendra Rambharos. Photos provided by Jendra Rambharos and Toby Turpin. Videos provided by Jendra Rambharos.

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