New Years Night Ride @ Peters Mill

On Saturday, December 30, 2017 a group of seven vehicles participated in an evening/night trail ride up Peters Mill inside the George Washington National Forest (located east of Woodstock, VA).

After purchasing permits and fueling up, we departed Bo’s Xpress and headed over to the entrance to the Peters Mill tail. Due to slick conditions on the trail, we need to immediate shift to 4×4. The trail was covered with a thin layer of compact snow from previous vehicles. The added snow made what is normally an easy trail ride, a bit more fun. The group stopped about 2/3 of the way up to take a break. The group then continued up the trail to the end. At the end of the trail ride, a number of vehicles stayed for a campfire which provided an opportunity to warm up, share stories, share food, and just have a nice relaxing time.

After safely extinguishing the campfire, we all made our way off the mountain. For these vehicles that stayed with Robert and me, we had to take a detour off the mountain due to a road closure. This alternate route took us through scenic Virginia and landed us in Front Royal.


1. SamL + wife
2. Robert Rixham
3. John Doyle + son
4. Kathy King + passenger
5. Brian Souhan
6. Sergey R.
7. Serguei Sviatyi + son

Trail report courtesy of Sam L. Videos courtesy of Serguei S. Pictures courtesy of Sam and Serguei.


Photo Album: 12/30/17 Peters Mill

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