Old Long Run Road and Old Rt. 33

CORE assisted OCC today (5/19) in a trail cleanup of Old Long Run Road and Old Rt. 33. The trip was organized and led by OCC land use liaison, Steve Van Bronkhorst.
Participating from CORE were:

  • Bill Haegele
  • Gil Campos and Sherrie Burns
  • Keith Holman
  • Bob Jaeger

I didn’t know all of the OCC participants except Steve, Bruce Copping, and OCC president Rob Cavaleri. In total there were 18 trucks.

Steve divided us up into several groups. The Old Long Run Road groups were responsible for picking up small trash, larger debris (refrigerators, tires, etc.), while another group cut down several trees that were in danger of falling across the trail. I led a group consisting of Gil and Sherrie, Todd and his son, and Mike to clean up Old Rt. 33. We managed to fill up Todd’s F-250 pickup with trash and all sorts of nasty stuff.

In all, we filled up four (or was it five, I forget) pickups with debris. While the rest of the group worked their way up to Cline’s Hacking (the ATV parking lot) I led the way to the Rockingham County dump (I was the only one that knew the way!). On our return, we headed up Second Mountain and met the rest of the group coming down. We played in the mud hole a bit (I didn’t!) before heading for pavement.

I then led a smaller group to the Dry River crossing where we ran the trail we explored two weeks ago behind the Dry River. It was VERY muddy. Everyone had a great time. After heading back to pavement a few of us went to Luigi’s for some great pizza. Pizza’s a great way to end any trail ride. It’s even better after a successful cleanup.

Trail report written by Bill and Deb Haegele and Betsy and Oliver (The Fourwheeling Puppies)

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