Peters Mill

This time CORE decided to hold its monthly meeting on the trails in GWNF. Being a combination meeting and trail ride, several new members were able to take advantage of this one event to satisfy two of the membership requirements. We had a good turn out, a great relaxing ride, and a lot of fun. For this event the following were in attendance:

“All of life’s worries and troubles were forgotten for a day!”

Along for the ride were:

  • Mike Vincenty, 05 White Rubicon (CORE president)
  • Jason Grogg, 05 Red Rubicon (CORE Board Member-At-Large)
  • Dave Dorrin, 03 Gold Rubicon (CORE Secretary)
  • Loc Pham, 04 Yellow Rubicon (member)
  • Keith Holman, 01 Chevy Blazer (member)
  • David Fowler and Michael Davis, Green Jeep TJ (guests)
  • Ben Heily, Camo Chevy Truck (guest)
  • Jose Campos, 75 Blue CJ5 (guest)
  • Kenneth Larsen, Silver Range Rover (guest)
  • Steven Prejsner, 75 International Scout (guest)

The morning started for me with the drive to at our usual meeting place for trips to GWNF, at the Wendy’s in Park Ridge Centre in Manassas VA. As I left home dark clouds were threatening in the distance. I wondered what the weather held in store for us today. At Wendy’s the group was assembling. We introduced ourselves, and admired Steven’s very nice Scout. Our departure was almost exactly on time.

As we headed west on 66, the sky gave way to light clouds and a blue sky. The weather was perfect and turned into quite a beautiful day. The ride was quite and uneventful.

We stopped in Edinburg a few miles west of the Peters Mill trail head. As we headed into town, there was a small town celebration for the WWII veterans taking place. Very nice and well deserved. Here we stopped at the Subways to fuel up, get our lunches, and hook up with Ben.

We cut through town and preceded to the trail head a few miles down the road. We held a brief driver’s meeting and hit the trail. Peters Mill is an easy trail about 7.5 miles long. The first mile or so is generally up hill. I could see small streams of water run-off crossing the trail.

We continued uneventfully, occasionally stopping to pick up trail litter. One hour later we reached the usual lunch spot at the pond about 3 miles from the trail head. We broke out lunch, and enjoyed random discussions. Next we held our club meeting. One noteworthy item from the meeting was that with today’s combination trail ride/meeting, some of our guests were eligible club membership. Taking a quick head count to see if we had a club membership quorum, we voted Jose Campos and David Fowler into the club.

After lunch we continued on the trail. The rest of Peters Mill is pretty much flat. Did I mention that the weather was perfect? The drive was quite and relaxing. The perfect day to enjoy the scenery and watch the forest and distant mountains slowly pass by.

Soon we reached the staging area at end of the trail. Here we stopped to unwind a bit, before getting back on the road to head back to our lives in “civilization”.

There you have it. Not the most challenging ride. But very nice just the same. All of life’s worries and troubles were forgotten for a day!

Trail report written by Mike Vincenty. Pictures courtesy of Loc Pham and Jason Grogg.

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