Pott’s Jeep Road

Saturday, April 21, CORE went on an trail ride on Pott’s Jeep Road. The trip was organized and lead by Mike Keane (a.k.a. Ratboy).
In attendance were…

  • Mike Keane, CORE, ’92 S-10 Blazer
  • Keith Holman, CORE, ’91 S-10 Blazer
  • Andrew, Guest, ‘9? S-10 Blazer
  • Eathon, Guest, ?? Jeep
  • Nathon , Guest, Riding with Eathon

We got together at the burger king in salem VA and left there about 9am…about 10am we got to the trail head…I asked andrew take the lead to the trail head since he knew the way the best…from there the lead changed a bit depending on how the trucks got lined up after we would play in an area for a bit… there is a small creek crossing a little way in..not a real chalenge but andrew wanted to get some pics here…after that its mostly uphill climbs and cutbacks til we reached the 1st leval part that has a mudpit in the middle and a few loops around the trees and mud…those of us with “stock” trucks opted to bypass the pit but Eathon took his jeep thru with no real problem…after that a small climb into a clearing whare we ran into a local who had been hunting turkeys…we managed to not make any references to congress…but he was calling it a day..he told us a little about what was on the trail ahead and that the jeep was the only trk that might make it past a point called the dropoff…aprently the trail getts much harder past that point… after he left we went to whats called a rock staircase…its a hill…cluttered with rocks..at the bottom it splits into 2 different paths side by side..one side is a bit more difficult to get up then the other…when the trails meet back together they continue uphill still very rocky but no real problem…we took turns going up since at the top is only room for 2 trks and we were using this as a turnaround point…after we played here we headed back down the mountain….when we reached the trail head again Andrew and Eathon said that they had to leave to take care of other things…Keith and myself decided that we wanted to check out a little bit more of the surrounding area… working off Keiths map we spotted a coule of trails that were marked as jeep trails and headed off…most of what we ended up on was just gravel roads…and the one trail head we did find after going a few hundered yards into it we decided that it was either not in use or had been closed…the trees starting to grow in the middle of the trail was a big clue here…we tried one more spot whare we ran into another local who clamed he knew whare the trail head we were looking for was…after he lead us to another gravel road Keith had to get rolling homeward so we called it a day…

Trail report written by Mike Keane

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