Rocky Gap, MD

Fall Color Runs are a CORE tradition. The weather didn’t quite cooperate with our original plan but we managed to get out and see some of the color anyway. This year’s trip found us in Rocky Gap State Forest in western Maryland.

“… we all got to spend the day with folks we like, in places where the scenery is great, and the road less traveled is obviously the better choice.”

Attending were:

  • Keith and Betty Holman, 01 BlaZeR2
  • Mike Vincenty, 05 Rubicon
  • Paul Woscek, 01 SFA S10 Crew Cab (maiden voyage)
  • Alex Hinson, prospective member, 92 S10 Blazer

We met at the Maryland Welcome Center off I-70 near Frederick. Since this was our first sighting of Paul’s recently remodeled truck, we spent some time checking out the new work. We were favorably impressed!

We headed west on Interstate 70 and on out I-68 to stop in Flintstone MD for gas and a few supplies. The price of gasoline was pleasantly less than it had been closer to home so we resolved to make sure we filled up before heading in.

Our path pretty much followed the same trails we had taken with the group from MAFWDA earlier in the year. With only 4 vehicles this trip, we moved a little bit faster. It was also damp and a little foggy. The colors, while not at peak, were certainly visible through the forest.

We stopped to chat here and there with comments on how Paul’s truck was doing as well as noises Alex was unfamiliar with and whether they were to be expected. (Much later – several days – Alex discovered that the one noise that had eluded diagnosis was actually from the shop having tightened his lug nuts with an air driven impact gun to the point of stretching the threads. When it finally became clear what the noise was, he was able to adjust without catastrophic results.

The lineup had Paul bringing up the rear behind Mike. This proved to be a good choice as we had been on the trail about an hour when Paul noticed Mike’s new Rubicon. Had he not been behind him for that long, is it possible he would have never noticed?

The new Rubi apparently included the pizza warming oven option as Mike had a hot lunch when we stopped at the overlook. Does the warranty cover repairs necessitated by cheese melted on the engine?

The overlook turned out to be disappointing this trip as the low clouds interrupted the view out across the Potomac River.

We headed back down the mountain and crossed Town Creek in a couple of spots before heading back towards Flintstone and towards home.

As usual, a day off-pavement beats one on pavement by a long shot. Alex got to try some new things and became more impressed by the Blazer’s abilities, Mike got to try out the pizza oven, Paul got to do some easier wheeling to shakedown the new SFA install and we all got to spend the day with folks we like, in places where the scenery is great, and the road less traveled is obviously the better choice.

Happy Trails and Tread Lightly!

Trail report written by Keith Holman. Pictures courtesy of Keith Holman, Paul Woscek, and Alex Hinson.

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