Meeting and Trail Ride at Peter’s Mill Trail

On a beautiful summer day, the CORE 4×4 club decided that it was too pretty outside to have our club meeting indoors like we usually do. So we planned for this meeting, we’d combine it with a trail ride out to Peters Mill near Woodstock Virginia.

We met as a group at 9am at the Shell station that’s right off the exit from I-81. The address is: 60 Stony Creek Rd, Edinburg, VA 22824. That station was where we needed to purchase our trail day pass for $5 to use the trail. After a pre-trail run drivers meeting, we headed off to the parking lot at the south end of peters mill. GPS coordinates are: 38.788300,-78.521702.

The trail was comfortably a 1-2 on the CORE Trail Ratings Guide. Much of the trail can be done in 2WD, with a couple of slightly steeper sections that might need 4WD/AWD. This trail is regularly maintained by the forest service, and near the end of a maintenance cycle, it can get a little rocky and bumpy. We were near the end of one of these cycles, so the trail could get a little bumpy. This was mostly resolved by airing tires down to the low to mid 20’s.

Along for the ride was a Marine based out of Ft Meade Maryland, working on some photography/videography, who took some photos and video as a ride-along guest.

It was absolutely a beautiful sunny summer day, and the trail was fairly cut back, with only a couple of tight sections causing some pinstriping. Could certainly be avoided by some careful vehicle placement.

At about the 3.7 mile mark down the trail, we pulled up to a large clearing on the trail, where we circled up for the meeting portion of the trip. There we discussed club business, recent trips, planned trips, and some casual shop talk.

After the lunch break meeting, we hopped back on the trail. Near the end of the trail were a couple of vehicle length, smooth impressions in the trail. Nothing too technical, but you wanted to be able to continue in and out of the impression in one motion. Due to a recent rain, there was some settled water/thin mud at the bottom of the impression, which could make the exit slick if you stopped in the middle. None of us had any issues going through, and we had a range of vehicles in attendance.

It was a great trip out to the trail, and the trail was the perfect combination of being a pretty scenic ride, but also not too aggressive to where a stock 4×4 would have any trouble. All good ingredients for a trail ride/meeting combo!

Alex: Wrangler
Patrick: Guest passenger
Jendra: Wrangler
Dawn: 4Runner
Andy: FJ Cruiser
Kirk: FJ Cruiser
Toby: Cherokee Trailhawk
Wook: Tacoma
Reed: 4Runner
Brian: Wrangler
Buzz: Wrangler

Photo Album: 07/28/19 Peters Mill



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Trail Report by Jendra Rambharos. Pictures provided by Jendra Rambharos, Toby Turpin, and Andy Meltzer. GPS Track provided by Jendra Rambharos.

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