PA Jeeps Show

On Saturday, 15 July CORE made its annual appearance at the PA Jeeps Show in York, PA. As with previous years, we set up a club tent which provides CORE with an advertising and recruitment opportunity. This year we had 10 people volunteer to staff the tent from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Jesse and Wendy’s son, Aiden did a great job handing out CORE materials to people walking past the tent. In Addition, we had # people signup to receive additional information about CORE. The tent also served as a place to get out of the sun and relax throughout the day. Based on experience from previous years, we chose not to staff a tent on Sunday due to the historically low volume of attendees.

The PA Jeeps Show provides an opportunity to meet with many of the national vendors such as ARB, Teraflex, Nitto, and Rock Hard 4×4. In addition, there were a number of regional vendors and off-road parks advertising their products. This year we walked around as a group looking at new equipment and talking with vendors. This was a great opportunity to look at and touch equipment you often only see online. It also provided the opportunity for club members to get to know each other better and discuss off-roading equipment and experiences.


  • Sam, Becca, and Ian L.
  • Wendy, Jesse, an Aiden King
  • Robert Rixham
  • Shelly Fitch
  • Andrew and Cherie Taylor

Member, Toby Turpin, tackles the obstacle course:

Photo Album: 07/15/17 PA Jeeps Show

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