Turpin Tree Farm Run

Members Present:

  • Tobey Turpin
  • Alex Hinson

Met Alex Hinson, Roland B, Elizabeth M and Amber at the gate at 9:30 am so we can drive on my fire trails and hike to the Natural Bridge and T P Cave. Alex flew his drone from 09LANDING to check the underbrush East of 10FTI. It is too dense to clear by hand. Drove to the top of the power line ROW. Did not drive West from 63FTI because the ground is really wet and Alex has not installed the winch on his Rubicon. So we went to the Natural Bridge and hiked around and took pictures. Then drove a little further South and hiked to T P Cave and took more pictures. There were too many trees for Alex to fly his drones over Bear Town. I put a yellow ribbon on a tree on the main trail so I will know where to start the hike the next time. Drove to the South end and went around the loop trail CCW. Drove to the summit. There is a large tree crown opening and Alex was able to fly his drones straight up and then off into the distance. 1000 feet seems to be the maximum distance. We could see Wisp Resort and McHenry. Took a quick survival lunch break. Then at 12:50 PM drove back down to 01Trailhead and arrived at 1:30 PM.

Renamed Alex’s picture file names from 001 to 013.
Additional comments about each picture:

001 T P Cave & Natural Bridge are to the left (East) of the powerline Right of Way in the low saddle back area. Upper Ford Hill is in the foreground. The Youghiogheny River is to the right. To the left is the SDC power line. Tower 359 is at the top and Tower 358 is just below. Hoyes Run Road is to the far left.

002 Toby’s gray Cherokee Trailhawk, Alex’s red rock Jeep Rubicon, Carr’s blue Ford F150 pickup truck. Somebody is standing near the right rear corner of the Rubicon.

003 Toby’s gray Cherokee Trailhawkand Alex’s red rock Jeep Rubicon.

004 Shelter Cave is on the West river bank at the top of the visible river. The Albright – Ridgeley 138KV line comes from the upper left side of the picture to the river and crosses the river. The Albright – Ridgeley line and SDC Lines cross in the lower right corner of the picture. Shelter Cave is on the West bank of the river at the toop of the visible part of the river. Don Seibold’s farm is also visible.

005 McHenry is on the center horizon, Wisp Resort ski slope to the far right, Hoyes Run Road below and the Savage horse farm is in the lower right corner. The Savages sometimes ride their horses and mule on my fire trails.

006 The SDC Line is in the upper left just below the horizon, a Tower is visible. The Youghiogheny River is in the lower right corner. Surveyor’s Cave is on the West side of the river someplace.

007 Alex Hinson’s red rock Rubicon, Roland B, Elizabeth M and Amber.

008 Toby’s TH from Alex’s Rubicon near 63FireTrailIntersection looking South. Tower 359 is in the distance.

009 Natural Bridge looking North.

010 muddy trail on Turpin Tree Farm.Possibly near the Natural Bridge going North.

011 Roland B and Alex’s Rubicon on the fire trail.

012 Alex’s Rubicon following Toby’s Cherokee TH on Fire trail.

013 Toby’s TH going down the 30 degree fire trail looking North.

Trail report courtesy of Tobey Turpin. Pictures courtesy of Tobey and Alex.

Photo Album: 06/23/18 Turpin Tree Farm

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