CORE was created with the interest of promoting Responsible Off Highway Driving. It is comprised of people in the Washington DC metro area (DC, MD, VA). We officially became a club on October 15, 2000. We are a group of enthusiasts that enjoy taking our 4×4 vehicles out and using them for what they were intended for. We are a non-vehicle specific group and many of us depend on our rigs as daily drivers, so we can’t allow our rigs to get damaged to the point that it is unusable for Monday morning’s commute to work! Our goal is to enjoy the trails and scenery around us and not try to see just how much damage we can cause to our rigs.


We are a family-oriented club and our rides often include side activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and sightseeing. We abide by the Tread Lightly® ethics on all trail rides and promote positive land use activities. We encourage giving back to nature and the community through our volunteer efforts with local forest managers and fundraising campaigns.

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We are proud members of Blue Ribbon Coalition, Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association, and the Maryland OHV Alliance.

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All of our trail rides and meetings are open to guests if you’d like to come check us out! Feel free to contact us at info@core4x4.org or check us out on Facebook to find out more information and check the calendar for upcoming events. See you on the trails!