Peter’s Mill Memorial Day Run

A group of CORE and non-CORE members are heading up to Peters Mill in the George Washington National Forest for a Family Friends Trail Ride & Campfire Picnic on Saturday, May 26th. Peters Mill is only 2 hours away from DC. There is a fire bit at the top of the mountain that we used it back in December for a night run and campfire.

Peters Mill is a fun and easy trail, perfect for a family outing. Both two and four legged family members are welcome. The plan is to drive to the top of the mountain (approximately 2 hours) then set up a campfire and enjoy lunch (I’m planning to cook hot dogs over the campfire). This will give everyone time to relax, enjoy lunch and for the kids to play. Following the campfire picnic, folks can either take the trail back down the mountain or exit at the top and take the switchback road down into Woodstock, VA.

Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

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