Rausch Creek Beginner’s Run

On Saturday, 27 August a group of eight vehicles including CORE members and guests headed up to

Rausch Creek in Pine Grove, PA for a day of green trails. A few of the vehicles met up in Frederick, MD

for the drive out while others met at the Exxon Station near the park. We started the day with a drivers

meeting in the parking lot where we covered basic off-roading procedures and the trail itinerary. The

types of vehicles ranged from modified JKs to a stock Range Rover Discovery.


  • Sam & Friend – JK Unlimited
  • Robert, Fred, and Trudi – Toyota 4Runner
  • Alex & Friend – Nissan Xterra
  • Mo – Jeep Wrangler
  • Micah & Jen – JK Unlimited
  • Chris & Friend – JK Unlimited
  • Keith & Family – Range Rover Discovery
  • Mike – Nissan Xterra

As we hit the trails around 9:30am, we were met with a traffic jam of modified vehicles seeking a day of

black trails. One vehicle even cut us off as if we were on the DC Beltway. After clearing all the “traffic”

we met our first obstacle, which was a decent down a rocky trail with one particular challenging set of

rocks and drop-off. The morning was spent taking advantage of all the green trails Rausch Creek had to

offer on the East and South Property. Many of the trials had the option to remain green or tackle some

blue level obstacles. A number of the divers took advantage of the more challenging trails which

resulted in one vehicle getting stuck on a large bolder. With this challenge came the opportunity to pull

out the Hi-Lift Jack and demonstrate its use on the trail. As with all challenges, everyone pitched in to

help Mo get unstuck.

Large boulder under the rear of vehicle.

We also had the opportunity to test Nissan Xterra tiring changing skills when separately, both Alex and

Mike experienced flat tires.

We stopped for lunch around midday which gave everyone the chance to relax and share vehicle

modification stories. The afternoon was spent riding the green trails on the West Property. We returned

to parking lot shortly after 5:00pm where everyone aired-up and said their good-byes – marking the end

of another fun CORE trip to Rausch Creek.

Photo Album: 08/27/16 Rausch

Trail report written by Sam. Pictures courtesy of Sam.

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